4 Great Things to do Cagliari


Cagliari is a beautiful place to visit but out of season it is not particularly touristy so it can be difficult to find things to do. Therefore I decided to compile a little list of really nice things to do here!

1.)  visit Poetto beach


Poetto  is Cagliari’s main beach and it is truly stunning! There are lots of lovely places to eat with great views looking out over the beach and the sparkling water, fabulous for a lovely Sardinian lunch chased down with an espresso. The whole of the beach front is completely pedestrianised so it’s also a great place to go for a run, walk or cycle ride. If you are visiting when the weather is nice in the summer, pack your swimming stuff and a towel and just enjoy the sunshine before taking a relaxing dip in the cold water. A really lovely must visit!

2.) Climb la sella del diavolo 


The devil’s Saddle is visible from Poetto beach, and if you drive up to the bottom car park of the walk, it only takes about half an hour to get up to the top and the views are incredible. The photo at the top of this post is taken from one of the viewing points of the right hand side of the ‘saddle’. There are lots of interesting stories as to the origins of the saddle, so if you get the chance, ask a local and see which story you get. And if you can’t find a local you can always take to Google! The only thing I would say about this particular sight is that it is a steep climb, so if you’re attempting it on a hot day definitely bring plenty of water.

3.) Take a walk around Parco Terramaini 


Parco Terramaini is located in Monserrato, a town just outside of Caglairi (where I am currently staying). The park is very large, with various areas such a play area, sporting areas and dog walk areas. It is a complete circuit so it’s a beautiful place to go for a run, and as there is some sporting equipment in the sporting zone, it’s a great location for a workout! Alternatively the grass is a lovely place to sit and soak up the rays, I frequently sit for hours reading a book in the sunshine here, the view is lovely and it’s very relaxing. There’s a nice cafe at the centre of the park perfect for a refreshing drink to get out of the sun for a bit as well. There’s also a lake in the park that is always full of flamingoes, which I think was my first time seeing flamingoes in the wild!

4.) Visit the city centre


Although there are plenty of the typical things to do in Cagliari city centre, such as a bit of shopping or purchasing some lovely Italian gelato, there are also some pretty cool sights to see. The old town of the city is high up on the hill, it can be a bit of a steep climb to get there but once you’re up, there are some incredible views, and you can’t help but be amazed at some of the old architecture. Not only is the old part of the city an amazing sight, but if you venture down to one of the main shopping streets, you will also find the marina. The marina has some incredible views over the sea, especially at sunset, and has lots of restaurant boats which are a great idea for a nice evening meal with real ambience. It’s also a nice place to just walk along, as there’s a lovely walkway across the marina.

Although this might not seem like a massively long list of things to do, each thing can easily be done more than once, I visit most of these locations on a regular basis and there’s always something new to see, especially Poetto beach which stretches for miles and miles, and you’ll find new bars and new views wherever you go.


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